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Why use aircraft Seat Belt

Seat Belt in terms of quality to ensure the strength requirements for visitors to bring security and convenience. Passenger plane, we must understand why the use of Seat Belt, under what circumstances the use of Seat Belt.

We take the van, sometimes things happen. The passenger sitting behind the engine, because there is no seat in front blocked off, when the car suddenly brakes, he would suddenly slip sitting on the floor. Can imagine, if there is a Seat Belt system in the body, he would not slide down the seat. Plane using the Seat Belt, is the reason, but the situation is more complex Bale.

Aircraft flying at high altitude, not only by environmental factors, and sometimes also by the aircraft itself in motion adverse factors. The main performance is the change in acceleration caused by the human body and complexity of climate before and after passive displacement caused by severe turbulence and down.

Aircraft in flight by a sudden thrust or drag effect, to change speed or direction, it causes the acceleration. In the take-off, landing and sharp turn, the change will produce a result of acceleration of the role of human displacement. For example, aircraft landing speed is too large, and the passengers do not fasten your Seat Belt, when the plane suddenly slow down passengers may occur due to lean forward and impact damage. Sharp turn in the plane, because creating a greater acceleration of the heart, not outward bound passengers is easy to dump. General aircraft flying at speeds are 500 km / hour or more, up to 900 Boeing aircraft km / h, up to supersonic Concorde airliner more than 2000 km / hour. Even in the take-off and landing, the speed is also 200 km / hour, In case of emergency braking, the consequences serious. This is why aircraft is equipped with a Seat Belt, so that simultaneous movement of passengers and aircraft, to avoid the dangers of inertial force on passengers.

Another reason for using the Seat Belt is the case in the aircraft in level flight, the upper and lower complexity caused by severe weather bumps. In the atmosphere, complex and ever-changing weather. Rotating air flow up and down often in the 10,000 meters the air traverse, which is the jumbo jet flying height. Each implementation of the navigation before the crew goes to the Airport Meteorological Office, to understand the weather conditions along the route. But the good thing is. Wide-body aircraft at higher altitudes often is blue skies, the naked eye is not easy to see the arrival of turbulence. It is this emergence of clear air turbulence, so that drivers are very hard to headache. The air has a certain speed, with a cruising speed of aircraft, its relative velocity greater. Powerful air jet to make 10 to 15 meters per second rate rise may also have a greater rate of decline in passenger aircraft, destruction of normal flight, and produce severe turbulence. As we fly a kite encountered a cyclone and not a kite up the case. Aircraft accidentally entered this turbulent zone will always be problems in varying degrees, ranging from moderate occurrence of slight vibration or bumps. Serious, up and down rotating strong turbulence, will not line Seat Belt passenger, thrown into the seat or tank tops and then fell on the floor, the risk can be imagined.

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Performance requirements of aircraft Seat Belt

If you do not wear a Seat Belt, if an aircraft emergency, the consequences will be disastrous. From another perspective, also shows Seat Belt itself has good performance. Internationally, China's aviation industry in the system, have formulated the minimum performance requirements for Seat Belts. "Minimum" is not the performance itself is relatively low, but to ensure passenger safety minimum requirements. Manufacturers in the production of the time of its performance requirements are far higher than the minimum performance requirements, the safety factor is big.

Seat belts and other civil aviation products are the same, if you want to install to the civil aviation aircraft, the airworthiness of civil aviation departments must review. Qualified by the airworthiness review and issue airworthiness certificates can be loaded on the aircraft. Minimum performance requirements, that is, the strict airworthiness department screening limits. Airworthiness Department in this regard is unbending.

Civil Aviation Administration of China has Airworthiness Division, Office of Airworthiness Authority have established a further three airworthiness certification center and set in Shanghai, Xi'an, Shenyang. Airworthiness Certification Centre aims to protect the civil aviation security, safeguarding the public interest. Certification Center "PRC Civil Aircraft Airworthiness Regulations", "China Civil Aviation Regulations", "airworthiness management process", "airworthiness directives", "airworthiness notice", "technical standard requirements" and other series of regulations, installed qualified inspection process. Belt is based on "seat-belt requirement of technical standards" and "Seat Belt minimum performance requirements," airworthiness certification through after loading the aircraft. Its own quality is guaranteed.

Airworthiness, is suitable for flight. Vice belts are each manufacturer's quality control system established under the control of production, quality control system must ensure that Seat Belts are in line with each deputy technical standards for civil aviation requirements. Airworthiness Department necessary follow-up examination, the final permission by the Ministry of installed capacity.

Seat belt performance requirements are summarized as follows:

1) The rated strength of Seat Belt components

Installed in the single-seat Seat Belt use on components, including the Ribbon, the release device, other components, after the tension test requirements stipulated in the Seat Belt can withstand at least 6672 axial load cattle. If the double-seat Seat Belt use component, then the rated strength should be at least 13 344 cattle. Rated strength of Seat Belt components are marked accordingly in each component of each deputy Seat Belt strap on the side.

2) the Seat Belt release device

Seat belt components are adjustable, and has a quick release device easy to operate. In the Seat Belt webbing to withstand a tensile load equal to at least provided after the Seat Belt users to more easily open the release device.

3) straps and other features

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Standard Seat Belt webbing width under 51 mm, taking into account the textile, dyeing, anti-virus, fire-retardant treatment and wear all the necessary processes, ribbon width can be controlled by (49 2) mm. Connect ribbon metal parts on shafts or holes not less than 51 mm. Webbing rated breaking strength than the component provided at least 50% higher than the intensity of its flame retardant properties meet the requirements, in order to prevent climate during use, corrosion, wear and other acute causes reduction or loss of strength.

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Electric Seat Belt is when the electrical work safety equipment to prevent falling.

1, Seat Belt usage period is generally 3 to 5 years, abnormal should be scrapped in advance.

2, Seat Belt belt and seat belt, rope should have sufficient mechanical strength, the material should wear, hook (hook) should have the device. Belts, rope used for more than 3 meters in length should be added buffer.

3 Seat Belt Use visual inspection should be conducted before:

(1) component integrity, no shortages, no disability damaged;

(2) ropes, braid no brittle fracture, broken stocks or kink;

(3) metal parts without cracks, welding without defects, no severe corrosion;

(4)-linked knuckle seams, a good bit flat, complete and reliable safety device;

(5) no significant deviation rivets, flat surface.

4, Seat Belt objects should be tied firmly, the ban is hanging on the move or not solid objects. Sharp edges and corners may not tied Department. Seat Belt should be hung and tied to hang parallel, low-hanging high-use is strictly prohibited.

5, while working in the towers should be tied back-up protection Seat Belt safety component on the solid (depending on the specific task of live working systems to decide whether back-up safety rope), shall not lose back-up protection.

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Original spare parts for your car Seat Belt

Vehicles on the road every day, how can I not do something wrong? Even the best cars need maintenance and repair, but also to the regular "car hospital" treatment.Some owners of vehicles there will be some errors during the knowledge that the car in particular, the original name brand auto parts accessories price higher than the price of other brands. Journalists know a driver surnamed Zhang, the first half of this year bought a Buick Excelle. May be two months down, one crashed before the lights were. When he went to repair, that regular auto parts store to be higher than the market price, then went to an unknown repair shop for maintenance. With a light like this okay, and some no-name auto parts will affect the car's running, will give his life to a certain extent.From the safety and efficiency point of view, although a number of deputy factory parts prices lower than the pure components, but "a few other prices, hundreds of other goods" the price difference will mean that quality differences. The price for the purchase of spare parts only reference to factors that appear to spend less money, but in fact sources of complex parts, deputy factory, the quality variable, use the back of deputy factory accessories, there are many hidden dangers. Vice plant parts used, whether the cost of the vehicle or the use of security for all can not be a reliable guarantee. Use the very unstable deputy factory quality parts, will increase the cost of repeated repairs, resulting in unnecessary economic losses. Some parts spare parts for critical systems, such as oil filters, etc. If you choose deputy plant parts, there may be unstable because of its quality, resulting in significant mechanical failure, or even damage the engine, if the freeloaders to use a few dollars a filter may destroy the value of several million car parts, this practice more harm than good. There are some security-related accessories, such as turning the ball head, brake pads, air compressors, etc., use cheap parts, deputy plant may lead to irreparable loss of lives and property.

Jinhua Shen Tong Motor maintenance staff, told reporters that the security of its excellent performance and security known Buick concept car, to remind owners to be sure to use genuine parts, so as to maintain the best running cars, more vehicles and avoid driving unnecessary damage by staff.Buick's quality assurance legendary, its parts supply is a powerful ability, pure quality. Buick has the industry's highly efficient global logistics system, can their factory accessories with maximum efficiency to the designated service center. Jinhua Shen in the authorized service centers contracted through 4S, professional technicians to diagnose the vehicle, will determine in a short time what kind of accessories should be used, or what program to return it to the best operating condition. Meanwhile, Buick 4S store auto repair original spare parts are other points can not be achieved, genuine parts and Buick car is based on the use to play with the most excellent performance formed the basis of design.Vehicle performance and safety is their concern owners, use genuine parts for your car with a reliable Seat Belt.Optional accessories small methods:1. Focus on "Original"Consumers will choose to buy a car brand, the same when buying auto parts should also pay attention to the brand. Parts regardless of original pure material, size or quality with the car with the best matching. Most original parts and has a perfect service system. Advisable for consumers to drive the car of your special reseller.2. Compare the prices,As fake and inferior products process is relatively simple, low cost, they tend to lower prices to attract consumers, and this is their temptation to lie. Therefore, consumers should the market price of some auto parts understand. Such as price and your impression of the price difference too, you have to guard. Cheap sell you the parts is definitely a reason, most are fakes.3. When consumers open the package when buying accessories accessories carefully observed the surface. Counterfeit parts are usually a rough surface, even after processing can not do surface cleaning, but also there are residual iron processing. Packaging or accessories, whether itself has a significant difference with the original spare parts.

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